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PVC Window shutters are very hot now.

PVC Window shutters are very hot now.
Window Shutter is a shutter structure of the door and window decoration, different from the blinds, its structure is more solid and stable, the blade can be 180° more effective shading, regulating light, dust, ventilation, sound insulation, and can be perfectly combined with the window, with a good interior decoration role, so in today's market by consumers.

Window shutters originated in the British Tudor Dynasty (1485-1547) and Elizabethan dynasty (1558-1603) palaces. In the late 19th century, breathable Windows shutters were widely used in Europe, America and Australia, and could be seen everywhere in urban homes, rural farms and aristocratic gardens.

A.Different material window shutters
Solid wood window shutters, PVC window shutters, aluminum window shutters, etc.

B.Different shape window shutters
Rectangular (conventional) window shutters, upper arched window shutters, round/semi-round
window shutters, bay window shutters, sliding door window shutters, French door window shutters, etc.

Modern people advocate a healthy and comfortable life, breathable window shutters as a family new house decoration, can naturally reveal the elegant quality of life. Both visually and tactile, PVC Windows shutters are superior materials.
PVC Windows shutters are sometimes called PVC shutters,pvc plantation shutters, the blades of shutters are usually 2-1/2, 3-1/2 and 4-1/2 inches wide, PVC shutters are made of PVC micro-foam profiles, is the perfect choice for new life, widely used in villas, luxury homes, apartments and office Spaces.

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